iii - Anthologies Listed

Anthology of Contemporary Latin-American Poetry. 1942.
Breakthrough to Peace. 1962.
Confucius to Cummings: An Anthology of Poetry. 1964.
Contemporary German Poetry: An Anthology. 1964.
Early French Writers in Modern French. 1949.
Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress. 1962.
Fifteen by Three. 1957.
Five Young American Poets.
Golliard Poets: Medieval Latin Songs and Satires. 1949.
Green and Gold: Stories and Poems from Bengal. 1958.
A Little Anthology of Canadian Poets. 1943.
Little Review Anthology. 1953.
ND Annuals, 1936-1991.
New British Poets: An Anthology. 1949.
New Directions Reader. 1964.
New Russian Stories. 1953.
Plays for a New Theatre: Playbook. 2. 1966.
San Francisco Review Annual.1963.
Short Stories: Tradition and Direction. 1949.
Spearhead: Ten Years' Experimental Writing in America. 1947.
Stature of Thomas Mann. 1947.
Twelve Poets of the Pacific. 1937.
A Wreath of Christmas Poems. 1942