New Directions Books, 1936-63.
Compiler's note & abbbreviations

The table below lists the abbreviations used for names of designers, printers, book series, etc. For an index of the contents of the New Directions anthologies see the Checklist of Anthologies by John A. Harrison at this website.

AL - Alvin Lustig
D - Book design by
DS - Direction Series
Fr - Frontispiece
GH - Gertrude Huston
GM - Giovanni Mardersteig
GO - General Offset Co., N.Y.C.
GRK - Gilda Rosenblum Kuhlman
GWV - George W. Van Vechten, Jr.
HC - Haddon Craftsmen, Scranton, Pa
J - Jacket design or art by
JL - James Laughlin
MMLS - Makers of Modern Literature Series
MP - Murray Printing Co.

MRS - Modern Readers Series
NCS - New Classics Series
ND - New Directions
NDP - New Directions Paperback
NDPa - New Directions Pamphlet
ND-SFR - Joint publication with San Francisco Review
P - Printer
PB - Peter Beilenson
POMY - Poet of the Month, Poets of the Year Series
SV - Stamperia Valdonega, Verona,Italy
VB - Vail-Ballou Press, Binghamton, NY
WPO - Walpole Printing Office, Mt. Vernon, NY
WPS - World Poets Series