New Directions Publishing, Inc.
A Checklist:

John A. Harrison, Director
Years 1956-1960
with Anne Marie Candido


1. Dazai, Osamu (Pseud) (1909-1948). The Setting Sun. (LC 56-13350) xviii, 190 pp. 9/26/56. Tr. from Japanese: Donald Keene. Color woodcut by Kiyoshi Saito. J: OS. D: SS. P: HC. Novel. See also 1968 (NDP258).

2. Firbank, Ronald (1886-1926). Valmouth. 128 pp. 12/55. Illus: Phillippe Jullian. Import from Duckworth, London. P: Willmer Bros., Birkenhead. Novel.

3. Fitts, Dudley (Translator) (b. 1903). Poems from the Greek Anthology. (LC 56-13355 rev.) xx, 192 pp. 12/5/56. In English paraphrase. J&D: SS. P: HW. Collects, with some revision, material from the precedng two volumes. (LC 56-13366) NDP60. Simultaneous.

4. Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940). The Crack-up. (LC 56-13361) 347 pp. NDP54. Ed: Edmund Wilson. See also 1945, 1950, 1993.

5. Fitzgerald, Robert. (b.1910) In the Rose of Time: Poems 1931-1956. (LC 56-13349) 150 pp. 11/30/56. J&D: PB. P: WPO.

6. James, Henry (1843-1916). Stories of Writers and Artists. 346 pp. Ed: F. O. Matthiessen. NDP57. Bound from last sheets of second ed. J: AL. See also 1944, 1945, 1965.

7. Laughlin, James [Editor] (1914-1997). Playbook: Five Plays for a New Theatre. (LC 55-12453) 5/3056. J: IC. D: SS. P: HP. Lionel Abel, Robert Hivnor, Junjo Kinoshita, James Merrill, I. A. Richards.

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11. ___________ (Translator). One Hundred Poems from the Chinese. (LC 56- 13351) xiv, 162 pp. Calligraphy by Wango Wng. D: GM. P: SV. Gift ed. See also 1965 (NDP192), 1970 (NDP308).

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14. __________. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog. 160 pp. NDP51. J: AL. Photo, Rollie McKenna. J: AL. P: HW. See also 1940, 1950.

15. Trilling, Lionel (1905-1975). E. M. Forster. NDP55. J: RH. Bound from remaining sheets of fourth printing. See also 1943, 1964 (NDP189).

16. Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). Baby Doll. (LC 56-13347) 208 pp. 8/28/56. J: Elaine Lustig. D: SS. P: ABSP. The script for the film with the two-act plays that suggested it: 27 Wagons Full of Cotton; The Long Stage Cut Short, or, The Unsatisfactory Supper. See also 1991 (NDP714).

17. __________. In the Winter of Cities. (LC 56-13961) 118 pp. 6/15/56. D&J: PB. P: WPO. One hundred copies on Curtis rag paper, specially bound, boxed, and signed by author. Poems. See also 1964 (NDP154).

18. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). In the American Grain. (LC 56-13360) 235 pp. NDP53. Horace Gregory introduction from 1939 ed. dropped. Gregory introduction restored in second printing, 1964. J: R. Johnson. P: MP. Historical essays. See also 1939, 1964.


1. Bentley, Eric Russell (b. 1916). Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950. (LC 57-1459) xxv, 256 pp. NDP59. J: Gill P: VB. Rev. ed. Series:

2. Boyle, Kay (1903-1992). Thirty Stories. (LC 57-8601) xvi, 362. 8/9/57. NDP62. Intro: David Daiches. J: Mayen. P: MP. First published in 1946, Simon & Schuster.

3. Cocteau, Jean (1889-1963). The Holy Terrors. (LC 56-13357) 194 pp. 5/22/57. Tr. from French: Rosamond Lehmann. Illus: Jean Cocteau. Orig. title: Les Enfants terribles. D: SS. P: HW. Novel. See also 1966 (NDP212).

4. Dahlberg, Edward (1900-1977). The Sorrows of Priapus. (LC 57-6942) 118 pp. 12/2/57. Illus: Ben Shahn. J&D: Elaine Lustig. P: Clarke & Way and Crafton Graphic Co., N.Y.C. 150 copies on mould-made Archer paper, boxed and signed by author and artist, each containing a print signed by Sahn. Mythology.

5. Flaubert, Gustave (1821-1880). Sentimental Education: The Story of a Young Man. (LC 57-13079) xiv, 588 pp. 3/14/57. NDP63. Tr. from French: "Brentano." Ed: D. K. Ranous. Intro: Louise Bogan. Orig. title: L'Education sentimentale. J: OS. P: MP. Photo offset from Brentano ed. Novel.

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7. Grabbe, Christian Dietrich (1801-1836). Comedy, Satire, Irony, and Deeper Meaning. 61 pp. 2/21/57. Tr. from German: Barbara Wright. Illus: Dr. S. Willoughby. Joint production with Gaberbocchus Press, London. Play.

8. Hesse, Herman (1877-1962). Siddhartha. NDP65. J: RH. P: VB. Novel. See also 1951, 1957, 1959, 1964.

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10. Laughlin, James (1914-1997). The Wild Anemone & Other Poems. 40 pp. Paperbound. D: Giovanni Mardersteig. P: Stamperia Valdonega, Verona.

11. Laughlin, James (Editor) (1914-1997) 15 X 3: Fifteen Short Stories by R. V. Cassill, Herbert Gold, and James B. Hall. (LC 57-13082) viii, 248 pp. NDP68. Intro: Ronald Verlin Cassill. Foreword: JL. J: RH. D: SS. P: HC.

12. __________(Editor). New Directions 16 in Prose and Poetry. (LC 37-1751) 264 pp. 7/5/57. NDP64. J: Elaine Lustig & Barrows. Simultaneous.

13. __________(Editor). New Directions in Prose and Poetry Eleven. NDP72. Remaining sheets from 1949 ed. bound up.

14. __________(Editor). New Diretions 10 in Prose and Poetry. NDP58. Remaining sheets from 1948 ed. bound up.

15. __________[Editor] Six Poems. 8 pp. Poems by Fitts, Fitzgerald, Pound, Rexroth (2) and T. Williams. "This book distributed to the friends of New Directions contains one poem each from six books of poetry published by ND in 1956."

16. Merton, Thomas (1915-1968). The Strange Islands. (LC 57-8600). 102 pp. 3/27/57. J: Elaine Lustig. D: SS. P: HC. Poems.

17. __________. The Tower of Babel. 36 pp. Woodcuts by Gerhard Marcks. 250 copies printed on the hand press on Zanders paper by Richard von Sichowsky, Hamburg. Binding by Theophil Zwang. Signed (by Merton and Marcks). Boxed. Verse play.

18. Miller, Henry (1891-1980). Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch. (LC 57-5542) x, 404 pp. 5/22/57. Illus. with photos. J: OS. D: SS. P: HC. Essays. See also 1964 (NDP161).

19. Patchen, Kenneth (1911-1972). Selected Poems. (LC 58-590) xii, 146 pp. 2/14/57. P: VB. Enlarged ed. Poems. Series: NC 7. See also 1946, 1964 (NDP160) .

20. __________. When We Were Here Together. (LC 57-13081) 112 pp. 10/30/57. D&J: PB. P: WPO. Poems.

21. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). Diptych Rome-London; Homage to Sextus Propertius & Hugh Selwyn Mauberley; Contacts and Life. 76 pp. 200 copies on Pescia paper. Hand printed by Giovanni Mardersteig at the Officina Bodoni, Verona. Signed. Boxed. For sale by Faber & Faber, London, and Vanni Scheiwiller, Italy. See also 1994.

22. __________. Selected Poems. (LC 57-8603) viii, 184 pp. NDP66. Revised ed. See also 1949.

23. Purdy, James. Color of Darkness. (LC 52-12947) 176 pp. 12/4/57. J: OS, from painting by Philip Featheringill. P: MP. Photo offset from the author's privately printed editions. Short stories and a novella.

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25. Rilke, Rainer Maria (1875-1926). Poems 1906-1926. (LC 57-10694) xxviii, 402 pp. 12/4/57. Intro. and Tr. from German: J. B. Leishman. Joint production with Hogarth Press, London. See also 1959.

26. Rimbaud, Jean Nicolas Arthur (1854-1891). Illuminations & Other Prose Poems. (LC 56-13365) xxxvi, 182 pp. NDP56. Tr. from French: Louise Varèse. J: R. Johnson. P: VB. Revised and enlarged ed. Bilingual. See also 1946, 1943.

27. Sophokles. Women of Trachis. (LC 56-6530) xiv, 66 pp. 3/27/57. Tr. from Greek: Ezra Pound. Foreword: Denis Goacher. Intro: S. V. Jankowski. Frontispiece: portrait of Pound by S. Martinelli. J: IC. P: MP. Joint production with Neville Spearman, Ltd., London. Appendices: "Editorial Declaration" by Denis Goacher & Peter Whigham. "Why Pound Liked Italy" by Riccardo M. degli Uberti. Play. See also 1985 (NDP597).

28. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). Letters to Vernon Watkins. (LC 57-13084) 146 pp. Ed. and Intro: Vernon Watkins. Frontispiece: photo of Thomas, 1938. J: OS. P: MP. Photo offset from J. M. Dent, London, ed.

29. __________. Under Milk Wood: A Play for Voices. NDP73. Pref.: Daniel Jones. J: OS. P: MP. Play. See also 1954, 1959 (acting

30. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). The Gift. 4 pp. "Printed at Christmas 1957 for the friends of William Carlos Williams and New Directions." Poem.



1. Baudelaire, Charles (1821-1867). The Flowers of Evil. (LC 58-9276) xviii, 168 pp. NDP71. Various translators. Sel. and Ed: Marthiel and Jackson Matthews. J: after OS. P: MP. Bilingual. A selection of fifty-three poems from 1955 ND edition. See also 1946, 1955, 1963, 1989 (NDP684).

2. Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924). Under Western Eyes. xxxvi, 382 pp. NDP69. J: AL. P: HW. Novel. See also 1951.

3. Corvo, Baron (Pseud).; Rolfe, Frederick William (1860-1913). Nicholas Crabbe, or, The One and the Many. (LC 58-13435) vi, 246 pp. 12/22/58. Intro: Cecil Woolfe. Joint production with Chatto & Windus, London. Romance.

4. Dazai, Osamu (Pseud) (1909-1948). No Longer Human. (LC 58-9509) 178 pp. 6/18/58. Intro. and Tr. from Japanese: Donald Keene. J: OS. D: SS. P: HC. Color woodcut by Kiyoshi Saito.

5. Dujardin, Edouard (b. 1861). We'll to the Woods No More. (LC 57-13317) xxviii, 146 pp. 1/22/58. Tr. from French: Stuart Gilbert. Intro: Leon Edel (replaces notes by JL in 1938 ed.). P: MP. Illus. New ed. See also 1938, 1990 (NDP682).

6. Ferlinghetti, Lawrence (1919-1997). A Coney Island of the Mind. (LC 58-7150) 96 pp. 5/21/58. NDP74. J: RH. D: Griselda Ohannessian. P: Freda Browne (comp.) & MP. Poems. See also 1968.

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8. Miller, Henry (1891-1980). The Colossus of Maroussi. (LC 58-9511) 250 pp. NDP75. J: Felix Jacob. P: MP. Travel. See also 1946.

9. Mishima, Yukio (Pseud.) (1925-1970). Confessions of a Mask. (LC 58-12637) 256 pp. Trans from Japanese: Meredith Weatherby. Orig. title: Kamen No Kokuhaku. D&J: SS. P: HC. Novel. See also 1968 (NDP253).

10. Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich (1890-1960). Safe Conduct: An Autobiography & Other Writings. (LC 58-12799) xii, 286 pp. Tr. from Russian: Beatrice Scott. Intro: Babette Deutsch. J: OS. P: MP. NDP77. See also 1949.

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13. Rilke, Rainer Maria (1875-1926) and Marie von Thurn and Taxis (1855-1934). The Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke & Princess Marie von Thurn und Taxis. (LC 58-11827). x, 294 pp. Intro. and Tr. from German: Nora Wydenbruck. Joint production with Hogarth Press, London.

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15. Swan, Emma. Poems. (LC 58-9151) 72 pp. 6/24/58. D: GM. P: SV.

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17. Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). Orpheus Descending; Battle of Angels. (LC 57-13083) x, 238 pp. 2/5/58. J: Daniel Shapiro. D: SS after JM. P: HP. Plays. See also 1972, 1990.

18. __________. Suddenly Last Summer. (LC 58-9512) 90 pp. 4/23/58. Fr: photo of the off-Broadway production. J: Gill. D: SS after JM. P: HP. Play. See also 1972, 1991.

19. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). Paterson (Book V). 44 pp. 9/17/58. J: SS. D: after GWV. P: WPO. Drawing of WCW by his brother, Edgar I. Williams. See also 1963, 1968, 1992.



1. Collis, Maurice (b. 1889). The Land of the Great Image: Being Experiences of Friar Manrique in Arakan. (LC 58-13438) 318 pp. 1/29/59. NDP76. J: Charles Kaplan. P: MP. Photo offset from Faber & Faber, London, ed. First U.S. pub. by Alfred A. Knopf, 1943. Experiences of Friar Manrique in Arakan. Series: RMC. See also 1985 (NDP612).

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22. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). "To Be Recited to Flossie on Her Birthday." 8pp. 4/18/59."One hundred copies printed for ND at the Press of Igal Roodenko, New York." Also 100 for WCW.



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