New Directions Publishing, Inc.
A Checklist:

John A. Harrison, Director
Years 1951-1955
with Anne Marie Candido


1. Berto, Giuseppe. The Brigand. (LC 51- 12418) 11/26/51. 224 pp. Tr. from French: Angus Davidson. J: Federico Castellon. P: Country Life Press, Garden City, N.Y. Novel.

2. Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924). Under Western Eyes. (LC 51-12422) xxxvi, 382 pp. Intro: Morton D. Zabel. J: AL. P: Country Life Press. First U.S. pub. by Harper, 1910. Rights and plates leased from Doubleday. Series: NC 33. See also 1958 (NDP69).

3. Eluard, Paul (1895-1952). Selected Writings. (LC 51-12202) xxxvi, 218 pp. 8/28/51. Tr. From French: Lloyd Alexander. Intro: Louis Aragon Parrot and Claude Roy. Bilingual. J&D: JL. P: Henri Marchand, Paris. Poetry. See also 1975.

4. Empson, William (1906-1984). The Structure of Complex Words. (LC 51-12406) 449 pp. 8/28/51. P: Spotiswoode, Ballantyne & Co., London. Joint production with Chatto & Windus, London. Literary criticism.

5. Firbank, Ronald (1886-1926). Three More Novels. (LC 51-9910) xx, 426 pp. 3/26/51. Intro: Ernest Jones. Fr: Pastel of Firbank by Charles Shannon. J: Andy Warhol. By arrangement with Duckworth, London and Coward-McCann, N.Y. Contents: Caprice; Inclinations; Vainglory. See also 1986 (NDP614).

6. Gracq, Julien (b. 1910). The Castle of Argol. (LC 51-14938) 146 pp. 12/27/51. Tr. from French: Louise Varse. Orig. title: Le Chateau d'Argol. J: AL. Joint production with Peter Owen, London. Novel. Series: DS 22.

7. Hatfield, Henry Caraway (b. 1912). Thomas Mann. (LC 51-11030) x, 180 pp. J: AL. P: VB. Series: MML. See also 1961.

8. Hawkes, John.(1925-1998) The Beetle Leg. (LC 51-14554). 160 pp. 11/27/51. J: GH. D: Sophie Hawkes. P: BP. Novel. See also 1967 (NDP239).

9. Heine, Heinrich (1797-1856). The North Sea. (LC 51-14555) 96 pp. 11/19/51. Tr. from German: Vernon Watkins. J&D: CC. P: PP. Handset type on Arak paper. Bilingual.

10. Hesse, Hermann (1877-1962). Siddhartha. (LC 51-13669) 154 pp. 10/24/51. Tr. from German: Hilda Rosner. Gift ed. J: AL. D: GH. P: VB. Novel. Series: NC 34. See also 1957 (NDP65), 1964.

11. Jarry, Alfred. Ubu Roi. (A2-9383) 184 pp. Tr. from French: Barbara Wright. Drawings: Jarry and Pierre Bonnard and 204 drawings by Franciszka Themerson on litho plates and printed in black on yellow paper. Portraits of Jarry by L. Lantier and F. A. Cazals. Import from Gaberbocchus Press, London. Includes also "Song of the Disembraining." See also 1961 (NDP105).

12. Kenner, Hugh. The Poetry of Ezra Pound. (LC 51-12356) 342 pp. 9/5/51. J: GH. Joint production with Faber & Faber, London.

13. Laughlin, James (Editor)(1914-1997). ND 13--New Directions in Prose & Poetry. 544 pp. J: AL. D: DK. P: BRMP.

14. Mallarmé, Stéphane (1842-1998). Poems. (LC 51-14119) viii, 312 pp. 10/29/51. Tr. from French: Roger Fry. Comment.: Charles Mauron and Julian Bell. J: AL. D: MSK. P: VB. Bilingual. Series: NC 28.

15. McCullers, Carson (1917-1967). The Member of the Wedding. (LC 51-10532) 118 pp. Fr: photo of the Broadway stage set. The acting version of the Broadway play. J: GH. P: Country Life Press, Garden City. N.Y. See also 1963 (NDP153).

16. Michaux, Henri (b. 1899). Selected Writings: The Space Within. (A52-9239) xxii, 298 pp. 10/10/51. Tr. from French: Richard Ellmann. Orig. title: L'Espace du dedans. D&J: JL. P: Henri Marchand, Paris. Bilingual. See also 1968 (NDP264).

17. Lafayette, Madame de (Pseud.) Marie Madeleine Pioche de la Vergne. (1634-1963). The Princess of Cleves. (LC 51-10612) xxviii, 210 pp. 5/11/51. Intro. and Tr. from French: Nancy Mitford. J: AL. P: VB. Novel. Series: NC 31. See also 1988 (NDP660).

18. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). ABC of Reading. (A51-7954) 206 pp. 4/26/51. J: AL. First U.S. printing, Yale Univ. Press. Joint production with Faber & Faber, London. 3,500 sets from Faber. Series: NC 30. See also 1939, 1960 (NDP89).

19. ___________. (Translator). Confucius: The Great Digest & Unwobbling Pivot. (LC 51-8850) 192 pp. 12/19/51. J: GH. P: BRMP. With a note by Achilles Fang and reproductions of the Stone Texts. See also 1947, 1969 (NDP285

20. Read, Herbert Edward (1893-1968). Collected Poems. (LC 51-10654) 202 pp. 6/3/51. Import from Faber & Faber, London.

21. ___________. Phases of English Poetry. (LC 51-2807) 192 pp. J: AL. P: BP. Series: DS 19.

22. Rexroth, Kenneth (b. 1905). Beyond the Mountains. (LC 51-9631) 190 pp. 2/7/51. J: AL. P: BP. Four plays. Series: DS 20. See also 1974 (NDP384).

23. Rukeyser, Muriel (b. 1913). Selected Poems. (LC 51-12264) 112 pp. 9/15/51. J: AL. P: VB. Series: NC 32. See also 1963 (NDP150).

24. Turnell, Martin. The Novel in France. (LC 51-9687) xvi, 432 pp. Illus. J: GH. P: Western Printing, Bristol. Joint production with Hamish Hamilton, London. Essays on Proust, Flaubert, Madame de Lafayette, Balzac, Constant, Choderlos de Laclos, Stendhal.

25. Vittorini, Elio (1908-1966). The Twilight of the Elephant. (LC 51-10545). Tr. from Italian: Cinina Brescia. Orig. title: Il Sempione strizza l'occhio al Fréjus. Novella. Series: DS 21. See 1993. See also 1973 (NDP366).

26. Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). I Rise In the Flame of the Phoenix. (LC 52-1805) 44 pp. Note: Frieda Lawrence. 310 copies: I to X on Umbria paper; 11 to 310 on Rives paper; all signed by the author. Boxed. Hand printed by Harry Duncan & Wightman Williams at the Cummington Press, Cummington, Mass. Play about D. H. Lawrence.

27. __________. The Rose Tatoo. (LC 51-11004) xvi, 144 pp. Fr: drawing of stage set by Boris Aronson. J: AL. D: after JM. P: ABSP. Illus. See also 1972, 1990.

28. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). Collected Earlier Poems 1906-1939. (LC 51-8849) 482 pp. 12/17/51. D: MSK. J: after PB. P: HC.

29. __________. Paterson (Book Four). 60 pp. 6/11/51. D&J: GWV. P: VVP. See also 1951, 1963, 1968, 1992.

30. __________. Paterson (Books 1, 2, 3, & 4). 238 pp. 11/12/51. J: AL. P: VB. Series: NC 26.



1. Borchert, Wolfgang (1921-1947). The Man Outside: The Prose Works of Wolfgang Borchert. (LC 52-6289) xii, 260 pp. Tr. from German: David Porter. Orig. title: Draussen von der Tür. Intro: Stephen Spender. J: Ley Kenyon. Joint production with Hutchinson, London. See also 1971 (NDP319).

2. Brossard, Chandler (b. 1922). Who Walk in Darkness. (LC 52-8562) 192 pp. 4/10/52. J: Henry Billings. P:VB. Novel. See also 1962 (NDP116).

3. Carrier, Warren Pendleton. The Hunt. (LC 52-12092) 208 pp. J: Joan Stanton. Joint production with Peter Owen, London. Printed in Holland. Novel.

4. Cossery, Albert (b. 1913). The Lazy Ones. (LC 52-13223) 158 pp. 10/3/52. Tr. from French: William Goyen. Orig. title: Les Fainéants dans la valle fertile. Joint production with Peter Owen, London. Printed in France. Novel.

5. Hutchins, Maude Phelps (McVeigh). Love Is a Pie. (LC 52-13036) 223 pp. 9/29/52. J: GH & Andy Warhol. P: BRMP. Stories, sketches, & plays.

6. Laclos, Pierre Ambroise Choderlos de (1741-1803). Dangerous Acquaintances. (LC 52-12138). xii, 370 pp. Tr. from French: Richard Aldington. Orig. title: Les Liaisons dangereuses. J: AL & Barrows. P: MP. Photo-offset from Routledge, London. Ed. Novel. See also 1957 (NDP61).

7. Micks, Wilson; Jean Mouzat. Le Français tel qu'on le parle. (LC 52-2540) viii, 248 pp. D: Peter Oldenburg. P: ABSP. Textbook.

8. Miller, Henry (1891-1980). The Books in My Life. 324 pp. Illus. with photos. J: GH. Joint production with Peter Owen, London. Printed in Ireland. See also 1969 (ND280).

9. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). The Spirit of Romance. 248 pp. (LC 53-5860). First U.S. pub. by Dutton, 1910. Joint production with Peter Owen, London. Printed in Ireland. Literary criticism. See also 1968 (NDP266).

10. __________. Guide to Kulchur. (LC 52-12142) 380 pp. 8/29/52. (Author's original title). J: GH. P: MP. New enl. ed. Previous ed. 1938 (Culture). Includes 20 pp. Of "Addenda 1952." See also 1938, 1968 (NDP257)

11. Rexroth, Kenneth (b. 1905). The Dragon and the Unicorn. (LC 52-14902) 176 pp. D: DK. P: BRMP. Poem.

12. Sartre, Jean Paul (b. 1905). Intimacy [Previously under the title The Wall and Other Stories]. J: GH. Second binding. Reissue in smaller format, 1959. Second ed. 1969. Third ed. 1975. See also 1948, 1959, 1969 (NDP272), 1975.

13. __________ Nausea. 238 pp. Tr. from French: Alexander Lloyd. J: AL. P: MP. Second binding. Series: NC 35. See also 1949, 1959 (NDP82), 1964.

14. Stendhal (Pseud.); Beyle, Marie Henri (1783-1842). Lamiel. (LC 52-10026) 256 pp. 5/28/52. Intro. and Tr. from French: T. W. Earp. J: AL. P: Alan S. Browne, Inc., Brattleboro, Vt. Novel. Series: DS 23.

15. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). In Country Sleep & Other Poems. (LC 52-7569) 36 pp. 2/28/52. Fr: photo of Thomas by Marion Morehouse. D: PB. P: WPO. 100 copies on Stoneridge paper, boxed, signed by the author, and 5,000 on Kilmory paper.

16. Vittorini, Elio (1908-1966). The Red Carnation. (LC 52-11063) 244 pp. Tr. from Italian: Anthony Bower. Orig. title: Il Garofano rosso. J: AL & Yee. P: Country Life Press, Garden City, N.Y. Novel.



1. Constant, Benjamin (1763-1830). Cecile. (53-A114927) xx, 126 pp. 6/26/53. Tr. from French: Norman Cameron. Ed. and Annot.: Alfred Roulin. J: Philippe Julian. Joint production with John Lehmann, London. Novel.

2. Corvo, Baron (Pseud.); Frederick William Rolfe (1860-1913). The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole: A Romance of Modern Venice. (LC 53-10680) xvi, 300 pp. 7/15/53. Intro: A. J. A. Symons. Foreword: W. H. Auden. J: Andy Warhol. Joint production with Chatto & Windus, London.

3. Gide, André (1869-1951). Marshlands & Prometheus Misbound. (LC 53-13070) 192 pp. 11/24/53. Tr. from French: George Painter. J: Clement L. Resseguier. P: MP. Photo-offset from Secker & Warburg, London, ed. Two satires.

4. Guerney, Bernard Guilbert (Editor and Translator) (b. 1930). New Russian Stories. (LC 53-10128) 240 pp. 6/11/53. J: GH. Joint production with Peter Owen, London.

5. Hutchins, Maude Phelps (McVeigh). My Hero. (LC 53-8203) 218 pp. 4/20/53. J&D: SS. P: HC. Novel.

6. Laughlin, James (Editor) (1914-1997). ND Fourteen--New Directions in Prose & Poetry. xvi, 408 pp. 2/11/53. J: Imre Reiner. D: DK. P: BRMP.

7. Merton, Thomas (1915-1968). Bread in the Wilderness: A Discussion of the Psalms. (LC 53-13509) 146 pp. 12/23/53. Illus. with photos of "Le Devot Christ" at perpignan, France. D&J: AL. P: Crafton Graphic Co., N. Y. C. Discussion of he Psalms. See also 1960 (NDP91).

8. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). The Translations of Ezra Pound. (LC 53-11965) 408 pp. 8/31/53. Intro: Hugh Kenner. J: GH. Joint production with Faber & Faber, London. See also 1963 (NDP130) & NDP145, rev. and enl. ed.

9. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). Collected Poems. (LC 53-7766) xviii, 200 pp. 3/31/53. Fr: photo of Thomas by Marion Morehouse. D&J: R. M. MacGregor. P: HP. See also 1956, 1971 (NDP316).

10. Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). 27 Wagons Full of Cotton & Other One-Act Plays. (LC 53-12488) xii, 238 pp. 9/15/53. Third ed. Two more plays added. See 1945, 1949, 1966 (NDP217). See also 1956, 1981.

11. __________. Camino Real. (LC 53-12831) xvi, 162 pp. 10/22/53. Illus: Drawing of stage set by Lemuel Ayres. J: AL. D: SS after JM. P: HP. Play. See 1970 (NDP301). See also 1972, 1990.



1. Céline, Louis-Ferdinand (Pseud.); Louis Ferdinand Destouches (1894-1961). Guignol's Band. (LC 54-10186) 288 pp. 6/1/54. Tr. from French: Bernard Frechtman and Jack T. Nile. J: Rudolph de Harak. D: SS. P: HW. Novel. See also 1969 (NDP278).

2. Flaubert, Gustave (1821-1880). Bovard and Pécuchet. (LC 54-8413) xxxviii, 348 pp. 3/17/54. Tr. from French: T. W. Earp and G. W. Stonier. Intro: Lionel Trilling. J: GH. P: MP. Photo offset from Cape, London, ed. Novel. See also 1971 (NDP328).

3. __________. Dictionary of Accepted Ideas. (LC 54-8412) 86 pp. 3/17/54. Intro. and Tr. from French: Jacques Barzun. Orig. title: Dictionnaire des idées réçues. J: GH. P: VB. See also 1968 (NDP230).

4. Hawkes, John (1925-1998). The Goose on the Grave and The Owl. (LC 54-10040) 5/14/54. J&D: SS. P: BRMP. Novels.

5. Hutchinson, Ann. Labanotation: The System for Recording Dance Movement. (LC 54-2859) xiv, 274 pp. 5/12/54. Pref.: George Balanchine. Intro: Rudolph Laban. Illus: Doug Anderson and Marian van Loem. D: Selma Jean Cohen. P: MP. Dance notation. See also 1961 (NDP104).

6. Isherwood, Christopher (1904-1986). The Berlin Stories: The Last of Mr. Norris; Goodbye to Berlin. xiv, 192 & 206 pp. 11/27/54. Pref.: Christopher Isherwood. J: SS. P: VB. New ed., new preface by the author. See also 1945, 1963 (NDP134).

7. Kenner, Hugh. Wyndham Lewis. (LC 54-9869) xvi, 170 pp. 8/23/54. Fr: self-portrait of Lewis. J: AL. P: VB. Series: MML. See also 1964 (NDP167).

8. Patchen, Kenneth (1911-1972). The Famous Boating Party and Other Poems in Prose. (LC 54-10728) 64 pp. 6/1/54. Fr: photo of Patchen by Chester Kessler. J: SS. D: DK. P: BRMP.

9. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). The Literary Essays. (LC 54-7905) xvi, 464 pp. Ed. and Intro: T. S. Eliot. J: GH. P: R. MacLehose & Co., Ltd., Glasgow. Joint production with Faber & Faber. See also 1964, 1968 (NDP250).

10. Starkie, Enid. Petrus Borel, The Lycanthrope: His Life and Times. (LC 54-3118) 222 pp. Fr: litho of Borel. P: R. MacLehose & Co., Ltd., Glasgow. Joint production with Faber & Faber, London.

11. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). A Child's Christmas in Wales. (LC 54-139l8) 32pp. D&J: PB. P: WP. Lettering by Samuel H. Marsh. See also 1959, 1969, 1991.

12. __________. Conversation about Christmas. (LC 56-15172) 8 pp. P: Igal Roodenko & James Lanier, N.Y.C. Printed at Christmas 1954 for the friends of J. Laughlin and New Directions.

13. __________. Quite Early One Morning. (LC 54-12907) viii, 240 pp. 12/15/54. D&J: SS. P: HC. Photo, Rollie McKenna. Stories and essays. See also 1960 (NDP90).

14. __________. Under Milk Wood: A Play for Voices. (LC 54-9641). xiv, 108 pp. Pref.: Daniel Jones. Fr: photo of Thomas by Rollie McKenna. J: OS. D: SS. P: Atlantic Linotype, Brooklyn & HB. See also 1957 (NDP73).

15. Turnell, Martin. Baudelaire: A Study of His Poetry. (LC 54-602) 328 pp. 3/3/54. Fr: portrait of Baudelaire by Emil Deroy. Illus. with photos. Joint production with Hamish Hamilton, London. See also 1972 (NDP336).

16. Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). Hard Candy: A Book of Stories. (LC 54-4797) 229 pp. Limited ed. Boxed. Stories. D: PB. P: WPO. See also 1959, 1967 (NDP225).

17. __________. One Arm & Other Stories. (LC 57-31974) 212 pp. 12/29/54. J: AL. P: MP. Reprint ed. Story "The Yellow Bird" revised. See also 1948, 1967 (NDP237).



1. Baudelaire, Charles (1821-1867). The Flowers of Evil. (LC 54-9871) xxiv, 450 pp. 6/29/55. Various translators. Sel. and Ed: Marthiel and Jackson Mathews. Drawing by Jacques Villon. Bilingual. J: OS. P: MP. See also 1946, 1958 (NDP71), 1963, 1989 (NDP684).

2. Buddha, Gautama. Selected Verses from the Dhammapada: The Sayings of Buddha. 12 pp. Tr.: N. K. Bhagwat. Cover Illus: medallion from Madras Museum. Printed at Christmas 1955 for the friends of J. Laughlin and New Directions. See also 1965 (NDP188)

3. García Lorca, Federico (1898-1936). Selected Poems. (LC 54-9872) xii, 180 pp. 1/29/55. Various translators. Ed: Francisco García Lorca and Donald M. Allen. Bilingual. J: AL. D: SS. P: VB. Series: NC 36. See also 1962 (NDP114).

4. __________. Three Tragedies: Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernardo Alba. 212 pp. Tr. from Spanish: Richard O'Connell and James Graham Lujn. J: Elaine Lustig. D: SS. P: HW. NDP52. Paper reprint of 1947 ed. See also 1947.

5. Joyce, James (1882-1941). Stephen Hero. (LC 55-12451) 252 pp. 12/29/55. Ed. and Foreword: John J. Slocum and Herbert Cahoon. New ed. with additional ms. pages from Yale Library collection. See also 1944, 1945, 1963 (NDP133), 1969.

6. Laughlin, James (Editor) (1914-1997). New Directions 15. (LC 55-10072) 325 pp. 12/15/55. J: RH. P: HW. Includes index of fifteen ND annuals, 1936-1955. Simultaneously issued as papeback by Meridian Books (304 pp.) J: AL.

7. Rexroth, Kenneth (Editor and Translator) (b.1905). One Hundred Poems from the Japanese. (LC 56- 2557) xxii, 144 pp. 11/15/55. Bilingual. With Japanese calligraphy of poets' names by Ukai Uchiyama. D: GM. P: SV. Boxed. 500 copies bound in Tokyo in Fuji silk for Charles E. Tuttle Co. for sale in Japan. See also 1963 (NDP147), 1976 (NDP420).

8. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). Adventures in the Skin Trade & Other Stories. (LC 55-7367) viii, 276 pp. D&J: SS. P: HC. Photo, Rollie McKenna. Andrew Sinclair's stage adapt. See also 1964 (NDP183), 1968.

9. Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. (LC 55-30393) xiv, 198 pp. Illus. Frontispiece: sketch of stage set by Jo Mielziner. J: AL. D: SS after JM. P: HP. Play. See also 1972, 1975 (NDP398), 1991.