New Directions Publishing, Inc.
A Checklist:

John A. Harrison, Director
Years 1936-1940
with Anne Marie Candido


1. Laughlin, James (Editor) (1914-1997). New Directions in Prose & Poetry. (LC 37-1751) 196 pp. Hardback and paperback eds. No jackets. D: JL. P: OVP. See also 1986.

2. O'Reilly, Montague (Wayne Andrews) (1913-1987). Pianos of Sympathy. 16 pp. First New Directions book. First printing: blue covers. Second printing: red covers. D&J: JL. P: OVP. Series: NDPa 1.


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5. Winters, Yvor (Editor) (1900-1968). Twelve Poets of the Pacific. (LC 37-14267) 152 pp. D&J: Hiram Handspring (JL). P: Blue Ox Press, N.Y.C. Authors: Atkisson, Baker, Cunningham, Finnegan, Gibbs, Stanford, Stafford, Winters.


1. Boyle, Kay (1902-1992). A Glad Day. (LC 39-383) 86 p. J: JL. D: Walter Goodwin. P: Rydal Press, Santa Fe, N.M..

2. Dujardin, Edouard ( 1861-1949). We'll to the Woods No More. (LC 38-36502) 158 pp. Tr. from French: Stuart Gilbert. Illus: Alice Laughlin. Notes: JL. Novel. See also 1958, 1990 (NDP682).

3. Fitts, Dudley (Translator) (1903-1968). One Hundred Poems from the Palatine Anthology in English Paraphrase. (LC 38-10077) 112 pp. D: Edgar B. Sherrill. P: University Press, Cambridge, Mass. Limited ed. Boxed. 500 copies.

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6. __________. (Editor). New Directions in Prose, Poetry, and Design 1938. 368 pp. J: JL. P: OVP. Editor for design section: Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. Photos.

7. Moore, Merrill (1903-1957). Sonnets from New Directions. (AA 28-9660) 46 pp. 4/4/1938. Pref: William Carlos Williams. P: OVP. Series: NDPa 2.

8. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). Culture. (LC 39-4940) 360 pp. 11/11/1938. J: JL with Gaudier-Brzeska drawing. Frontispiece: Malatesta medal. Joint production with Faber & Faber (London): Guide to Kulchur. 519 sets issued from Faber 1938 (later imported more and sold for $3.00). See also 1952.

9. Schwartz, Delmore (1913-1966). In Dreams Begin Responsibilities. (LC 39-8052) 174 pp. J: JL. P:WPO. Story, poem, verse plays. See also 1978 (NDP454).

10. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). The Complete Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams 1906-1938. (LC 39-502) 318 pp. Signed by the author. Boxed. 50 copies on Hazelbourn paper.

11. __________. Life Along the Passaic River. (LC 38-7318) 202 pp. 2/21/1938. D: after Sherry Mangan. P: VB. Stories.

12. Winters, Yvor (1900-1968). Maule's Curse: Seven Studies in the History of American Obscurantism. (LC 39-547) xii, 240 pp. J: JL. P: HW. Authors: Hawthorne, Cooper, Melville, Poe, Emerson, Jones Very, Dickinson, James.


1. García Lorca, Federico (1898-1936). Blood Wedding. (A43-2713) 64 pp. Tr. from Spanish: Gilbert Neiman. Orig. title: Bodas de Sangre. P: WPO. Pamphlet reprint from 1939 Annual. Play. Series: NDPa 5.

2. Greenberg, Samuel Bernard (1893-1917). Poems from the Greenberg Manuscripts. (A40-2043) 32 pp. Ed: JL. P: WPO. Pamphlet reprint from 1939 Annual. Series: NDPa 6.

3. Joyce, James (Symposium on) (1882-1941). Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress. (LC 44-32829). 196 pp. P: Imprimerie Durand, Chartres. Import from Shakespeare and Company (Sylvia Beach), Paris. Symposium by Beckett, Brion, Budgen, Gilbert, Jolas, Llona, McAlmon, McGreevy, Paul, Rodker, Sage, W. C. Williams, with Letter of Protest by Slingsby and Dixon. See also 1962, 1972 (NDP331).

4. Laughlin, James (Editor) (1914-1997). New Directions in Prose & Poetry 1939. xxii, 426 pp. & 16 pp. of photos (including foldout). Ed. of design section: Edgar Kaufmann. J:JL. D: PB. P: WPO.

5. Miller, Henry (1891-1980). The Cosmological Eye. (LC 40-8233) 364 pp. Pref.: JL. D&J: JL. P: ABSP. Stories and essays. See also 1943, 1961 (NDP109), 1969.

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7. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). ABC of Economics. 128 pp. J: JL. Joint production with Faber & Faber (London).

8. __________. (Translator). Ta Hio: The Great Learning of Confucius: Newly Rendered into the American Language by Ezra Pound. (A42-4162) 32 pp. P: Central Printing Co., New Haven, Conn. First U.S. pub. in 1928 by U. of Washington Bookstore (Glenn Hughes). Series: NDPa 4.

9. Rimbaud, Jean Nicolas Arthur (1854-1891). A Season in Hell. (LC 40-6148) xiv, 100 pp. Tr. from FRE.: Delmore Schwartz. Fre. title: Une saison en enfer. Hand printed. Boxed. Signed by translator. 750 copies handprinted by Edmund Thompson at Hawthorn House, Windham, Conn.; 30 copies on Worthy Signature paper, bound in hand-blocked carta di Firenze and signed by the translator. See also 1941, 1945, 1961 (NDP97).

10. Sophokles. The Elektra of Sophocles. 76 pp. Tr. from Greek: Francis Fergusson. Published in 1938 by William R. Scott; taken over by ND in 1939. See also 1990 (NDP683)--Ezra Pound, Tr.

11. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). The World I Breathe. (LC 40-5259) 184 pp. D&J: PB. Stories and poems.

12. Virgil. The Fourth Ecologue of Virgil. Tr. from Latin: JL. D: Edmund B. Thompson. P: Hawthorn House, Windham, Conn. "Printed for the friends of New Directions and James Laughlin at Christmas, 1939."

13. Williams, William Carlos (1881-1963). In the American Grain. (LC 45-22632) xiii, 236 pp. Intro: Horace Gregory. J: 1st, AE; 2nd, AL. P: RLC. Photo offset from A & C Boni, first U.S. pub. (1925). Series: NC 1. Historical essays. See also 1956 (NDP53), 1964.


1. The Book of Ecclesiastes: Koheleth. 64 pp. D: PB. Drawings: Emlen Etting. P: WPO. Boxed. Text of the King James version.

2. Kafka, Franz (1883-1924). Amerika. (A41-1166) xvii, 300 pp. Trans from German: Edwin Muir. Pref.: Klaus Mann. Aftrwrd.: Max Brod. Drawings: Emlen Etting. D: PB. J: Etting and JL. P: WPO. See also 1946, 1962 (NDP117).

3. Laughlin, James (Editor) ( 1914-1997). 5 Young American Poets: First Series. (LC 40-29688). 222 pp. Photos of poets. J: JL. P: LI. Poets: Mary Barnard, John Berryman, Randall Jarrell, W. R. Moses, George Marion O'Donnell.

4. __________ (Editor). New Directions in Prose & Poetry 1940. xii, 620 pp., 32 pp. of photos. Ed. of design section: Edgar Kaufmann. Ed. of surrealist section: Nicolas Calas. J: JL. D: PB. P: WPO.

5. Pound, Ezra Loomis (1885-1972). Polite Essays. (LC 44-10918) viii, 208 p. 700 sets from Faber and Faber ed. (1937).

6. __________. A Draft of XXX Cantos. 150 pp. J: F&R. P: LI. 1st American ed. First published by Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. in 1933. 164 remainder copies taken over by New Directions in 1940. See also 1990

7. __________. The Fifth Decade of Cantos. 46 pp. J: F&R. P: LI. Remainder copies taken over by New Directions in 1940 from Farrar & Rinehart (New York) 1937.

8. __________. Eleven New Cantos XXXI-XLI. iv, 56 p. J: F&R. P: LI. Remaining 500 sheets of Farrar & Rinehart 1934 edition taken over by New Directions in 1940.

9. __________. Cantos LII-LXXI. (LC 40-34229) 168 pp. Notes: Delmore Schwartz, JL (as Hiram Handspring). Book includes, in a pocket in the back, a 16-page pamphlet: Notes on Ezra Pound's Cantos: Structure & Metric. Cover is photo of Pound by James Angleton. J: JL. P: VB.

10. Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953). Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog. (LC 40-34154) 188 pp. 9/24/1940. J: JL. D: PB. P: WPO. Stories. See also 1950, 1956 (NDP51).

11. Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963). In the Money. (LC 40-35170) 382 pp. Part Two of The White Mule. Third volume this series: The Build-Up published by Random House in 1952. J: JL. D: after Sherry Mangan. P: ABSP. See also 1967 (NDP240).